Countdown To ONENESS is ON!

ONENESS 11.11.11

We invite you to be part of a group experience at the Bubble on November 11, 2011.

The Oneness event will be an interactive environment featuring the work and energies of several artists and yourself intended to dissolve the conceptual experience of time and separateness, allowing for an experience of nowness and interconnectedness through music, visual art, film, dance, and meditation.

At the event, Trav will be presenting three works done over the course of his time living at the Bubble from November 2010 through May 2011–two short films and an extended piece of music. The films will be screened independently of one another in different parts of the space corresponding to where they were created, and the piece of music will play out over the course of the event.

Various ensembles of musicians will flow in and out of the pre-recorded music seamlessly for periods of live improvisational music.

Olga Volkus will be performing live art as well as presenting works including: a special interactive installation which will invite attendees to contribute, and will take shape over the course of the event; and a collage made up of images submitted by people all over the world depicting their ideas and experiences of interconnectedness. These collective pieces of art will allow our individual visions to meet and combine in order to form a new, group view.

Bringing art that was created in the space previously into the present alongside, interspersed with, art which is happening in the space in the moment is intended to dissolve the experience of time, allowing for an experience of harmonious eternity, continuity, oneness.

Featured musicians will include: Steve Bristol, Garo Gallo, Adna, Brady Newbill, Evan Rowe, Amy Shaw, Trav, Ed Wilcox, Xela Zaid, and more to be announced. There will be dance by Danielle Leighla Del Sordo and friends. Public sitting and walking meditation will take place throughout the course of the event, including periods of guided meditation by Monica McGivern.

Featured artists will include: Gina Bentivegna, Susan Buzzi, Valyn Calhoun, Rachel DeJohn, Rene Gordon, Rosa Mia Hernandez, Jen Locane, Monica McGivern, Sean Murdock, Olga Volkus, and more.

More details will be announced throughout the coming weeks leading up to the event.

We would love for you to be a part of this. If it sounds good to you, and it looks as if you’ll be willing and able to attend, please mark your calendars (easy date to remember!). Stay tuned for more on this…

With love,

trav and Olgi