Call to Artists

Hello artists!

With the Oneness event, the intention is to create an environment which calls into question, and hopefully allows for the dissolution of, our conceptual experience of time and separateness, and allows for an experience of continuity, harmony, interconnectedness, nowness, oneness. We’re looking to include art that works to facilitate that experience.

We’re looking for art which blurs the lines between “this” and “that,” “you” and “me,” “past,” “present” and “future.” The idea we’re trying to emphasize is that these relative notions fall apart when we really look at them. “You” and “me” do exist as entities in relation to each other, but we exist as parts of a whole. We are one. “Past” and “future” do exist as relative ideas, but they always exist in the present. The clock ticks and is a useful tool in the relative world, but there is only one moment, which is now.

This idea of oneness, nowness, is not new. But we feel that it’s important to give it attention, in order to remind ourselves. We’d like to expose the relative world, the world of separateness – which is home to all of our opinions, prejudices, and hang-ups of all sorts – as holographic. And bring about the realization that we are all in this together. Right now, always. And we can celebrate that, ‘cause it’s a beautiful thing.

If you have some work, or feel inspired to create some work, in any medium, that goes along with this intention, we’d love to have it in the show.

Please contact either Travis or Olga if you have any questions, or would like to chat about ideas you may have. And please send a digital image of what you’d like to submit to both Travis and Olga when you have it ready.

Deadline for submission will be Friday, October 28, though space will be limited. So the sooner you submit, the better.

If you are interested in being in the show, please let us know ASAP to secure your spot, and so that we can include you in forthcoming promotions and press releases.

We look forward to hearing from you soon, and working with you on this event!


Trav and Olgi