Collective Art Collage Project

Hello artists of all sorts in all places!

We’d like for you to contribute to a collective art project that ties into the Oneness event. We’d like for everyone – regardless of whether or not you will be showing art in, or even attending the Oneness event – to post images on the Oneness event page which depict in some way your idea or experience of oneness, interconnectedness.

The subject of the image could be anything – a crayon drawn religious figure, a photo of the sunrise, an oil painting of your lawnmower, whatever. The idea is that all of this stuff fits together and makes up our world. Just please have the intention to express interconnectedness in mind when creating or selecting your image. And please submit original work – photography, digital images, or photos of paintings or work in other mediums.

The first phase of this project is simply to enjoy all the various images popping up on the page. The second phase is a collaborative, physical piece of art – Olga Volkus will be taking all of the images submitted and creating a collage out of them which will be presented at the actual event.

Thanks in advance for your contributions. We’re really looking forward to seeing what comes of this and are honored to be connecting with you in this way!


trav and Olgi

Link to event page on Facebook


Terence McKenna on Time

The countdown is ON!

This multimedia event is to take place on 11.11.11 at 7:00pm at the Bubble.

Come, share and experience that moment in time with us!