We are currently seeking funding for the event, beginning by asking you–local businesses, community organizations, and philanthropists–to offer your much needed support. Primarily, we are looking for monetary contributions. We would be honored to acknowledge your involvement with this project by including your name and logo on our website, facebook page, and all forthcoming promotional materials–including mass emails, press releases, and loads of fliers and posters to be displayed around Broward, Miami, and Palm Beach counties.

And of course, we would be acknowledging your involvement at the event itself by displaying your name and logo, and expressing our gratitude to you over the PA.

If you’re unwilling or unable to contribute monetarily but would still like to be involved, we would be happy to accept, and put to good use, any other gifts/giftcards you’d like to offer. And we would certainly offer you public thanks for those as well.

Below is a list of the different levels of sponsorship and the corresponding tangible rewards. Please contact us with any questions regarding the financial help. Thank you!

Levels of Sponsorship:

Big Bang (main sponsor), $250 and up

  • Prominent name and/or logo display
  • 10 names on the guest list
  • 10 VIP gift bags

Kiss of the Guru, $100 or more

  • Medium sized name and/or logo display
  • 5 names on the guest list
  • 5 VIP gift bags

Deep Bow of Gratitude, $50 or more

  • Small name and/or logo placement
  • 2 names on the guest list
  • 2 VIP gift bags

Smile, any amount less than $50

  •  Smaller name and/or logo placement